This site provides a handful of guides for getting started with MSU Commons. Feel free to skip around to the most pertinent guides for you, but make sure you set up your Profile at some point!

To discuss any of these activities or to ask for help, join the Getting Started group.

With the launch into “beta” of MSU Commons in Summer 2020, we are running training and introductory activities to familiarize people with the Commons. Materials from these activities and a schedule are below. Zoom meeting information for the Brownbags and Listening Sessions is available by emailing Kristen Mapes (kmapes@msu.edu).

MSU Commons Tour

(from Virtual Launch Party, June 8, 2020)

Weekly Brownbag Series – July 2020

These 45-minute sessions around the 4 main areas of the Commons are a great way to gain more familiarity with the Commons. While the sessions do build on each other in a sense, attendance at earlier sessions is not required.

In each session, there will be a 15 minute presentation explaining the features of each aspect of the Commons as well as a demonstration of the backend of each of the features. Then, 30 minutes will be open for questions, discussion, and troubleshooting.


July 9, 11:00-11:45

CORE Institutional Repository

July 16, 11:00-11:45


July 23, 11:00-11:45


July 30, 11:00-11:45

Feedback Form

We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions at any time at go.cal.msu.edu/commonsfeedback